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Why do I have to fill out an SF-182?

SF-182 is a form that is required when a Department of the Air Force (DAF) employee conducts any training. 5 USC § 4115-4118 requires The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to collect information on all training activities both internal and external to the government.

OPM owns and maintains the SF-182. Use this link to obtain the most current version of the SF-182: https://www.opm.gov/forms/pdf_fill/sf182.pdf

How to Fill Out an SF-182

Section A: Is personal information of the individual(s) attending. If you are doing a class for multiple individuals, put “see attached” in Block 1 and attach a document containing the list of attendees along with the Section A information required for each individual.

Side Note: There is optional information in Section A; all optional information is Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). If this form is going to be used to make a purchase via Government Purchase Card (GPC), you MUST remove all CUI before giving it to the cardholder. Cardholders online banking database does not safely house CUI information and this form is required to be loaded per the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Section B: The form has directions at the end to help fill in Section B. Section B will cater to the training you are taking.

Section D & E Approvals: Routing path for approvals differs based on if you are Military or Civilian. You cannot mix Civilians and Military members on the same SF-182.  

How to Route an SF-182

First-Line Supervisor:Any Supervisor in your chainAny Supervisor in your chain
Second-Line Supervisor:Commander or DO if appointedCommander or DO if appointed
Training Officer:AFPC – 802 FSS/OL-B/FSDE Randolph Civilian Training <Randolph.civtng@us.af.mil>17 FSS Education Center <17FSS.EducationCenter@us.af.mil>
Authorizing Official: (If cost associated)Resource Advisor for the funding sourceResource Advisor for the funding source
Note: First-line supervisor can be directed differently according to squadron practices. The remaining blocks cannot be changed.

Contractors: Any contractor on a 17 TRG contract does not apply to this process. It has been written within applicable contracts that the companies will supply training to their individuals. You cannot use funds outside of the contract parameters to fund training for contractors. Some free training offered may be permitted. Please contact your Contracting Officer Representative (COR) prior to approving any free training. 17 TRSS/TSRM. SF-182s are not required for contractors.

When Purchasing Training via GPC:

17 Contracting Squadron has given 17 TRW squadrons approval to use an SF-182 in lieu of an 889 form when procuring training.

For Class Registration: You may combine individuals going to the same course on a single SF-182, but all purchases must be made by the individuals. i.e. if you have 20 individuals on an SF-182 going to the same Graduate School Class, there will be 20 transactions completed by the GPC holder.

For Incoming Speakers: Speakers are charged with a single purchase. Your SF-182 will have to reflect the attendees for the speaker. One SF-182 for all military and one for all civilians is desirable in this circumstance.

POC: If you need assistance with filling out an SF-182, reach out to your supervision. If your supervisors are unable to assist, you can reach out to AFPC Civilian Training.


OPM Training and Development: https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/training-and-development/

SF-182 Form: https://www.opm.gov/forms/pdf_fill/sf182.pdf